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Wednesday, 24 November 2010 21:01

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Guitar Lesson No. 64 - Guitar Strumming G-Em-Am-D7

There are many ways you can strum the strings to make a rhythm, here I have one way, you'll need to know how to play these chords: G - Em - Am and D7, if you don't know these chords, go to the chords area.

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and watch this video


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You can click on the button to watch the video FULL SCREEN.

Notice the arrow goes UP, then the strumming goes upward, you can do it with a pick, or with your index finger.

In music, a strum or stroke is a note performed on the strings of a string instrument such as a guitar. The term arises from an action commonly used to play string instruments, which may be "struck"/"stroked", plucked or strummed, by brushing one's fingers over, or strumming, the strings.

A strumming pattern or strum is a preset pattern used by a rhythm guitar. Strumming patterns may be indicated through notation, tablature, up and down arrows, or slashes.

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